norse.torch.utils.tensorboard.hook_spike_histogram_sum(key: str, writer: torch.utils.tensorboard.writer.SummaryWriter) Callable[[torch.nn.modules.module.Module, Tuple[torch.Tensor, Any], Any], None][source]#

Generates a hook that can be applied to stateful torch Modules. The hook shows a histogram of the summed neuron activity, assuming that the module output is a tuple of (spikes, state). That is, this will not work on modules that only returns a single tensor as output (i. e. have no state).

Read more about hooks in PyTorch Modules in the Module documentation.

>>> from torch.utils.tensorboard import SummaryWriter
>>> import norse.torch as snn
>>> from snn.util import tensorboard
>>> hook = tensorboard.hook_spike_histogram_sum("lif", SummaryWriter())
>>> snn.LIFCell().register_forward_hook(hook)

key (str): The name of the module as referred to in Tensorboard writer (SummaryWriter): The Tensorboard Writer to log to.


A hook that will plot the mean neuron spike activity when registered to a Torch module.