Papers citing Norse

8. Papers citing Norse#

Norse is actively applied in the literature and is presently cited by more than 50 papers. We are keeping track of a few papers that cite Norse below. Please get in touch with us if we missed a paper. Contact details can be found in the page About Norse.

  • Eike-Manuel Bansbach, Alexander von Bank, and Laurent Schmalen. Spiking neural network decision feedback equalization. ArXiv, 2022. URL:

  • Ding Chen, Peixi Peng, Tiejun Huang, and Yonghong Tian. Deep reinforcement learning with spiking q-learning. CoRR, 2022. URL:, arXiv:2201.09754.

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  • Davide L Manna, Alex Vicente-Sola, Paul Kirkland, Trevor J Bihl, and Gaetano Di Caterina. Frameworks for snns: a review of data science-oriented software and an expansion of spyketorch. In International Conference on Engineering Applications of Neural Networks, 227–238. Springer, 2023.

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We refer to lists from Semantic Scholar and Google Scholar for the complete list of references.