9. About Norse#

Norse is a research project created by Christian Pehle and Jens E. Pedersen. Both are interested in exploring the benefits in sparse, event-based computations in a broad sense. This includes computation speed, energy efficiency, solving the von Neumann bottleneck, and the large host of applications that follow these properties.

We are aware of the fact that numerous efforts are undertaken in the area. We chose to develop Norse because we did not find sufficient tools in our own work. We are, therefore, mostly driven to create a toolset that is as efficient and simple as possible.

While our motivations are personal, we are convinced that Norse has applications outside the scope of our own research. For now, this primarily concerns research within the domain of spiking neural networks, but there are plans to integrate Norse with academic and commercial neuromorphic hardware platforms.

9.1. Contact#

Any questions or comments can be directed to the maintainers: