norse.torch.utils.plot.plot_izhikevich(behavior: IzhikevichSpikingBehavior, current: float = 1, time_print: int = 250, time_current: int = 20, timestep_print: float = 0.1)[source]#

Computes and plots a 2D visualisation of the behavior of an Izhikevich neuron model. By default, the time window is 250ms with a time step of 0.1ms

Example :
>>> import torch
>>> from norse.torch.functional import tonic_spiking
>>> from norse.torch.utils.plot import plot_izhikevich
>>> plot_izhikevich(tonic_spiking)

(Source code, png, hires.png, pdf)

Arguments :

behavior (IzhikevichSpikingBehavior) : behavior of an Izhikevich neuron current (float) : strengh of the input current, defaults to 1 time_print (float) : size of the time window for simulation (in ms) time_current (float) : time at which the input current goes from 0 to current (in ms) timestep_print (float) : timestep of the simulation (in ms)