norse.torch.functional.lif_refrac_feed_forward_step(input_tensor: Tensor, state: LIFRefracFeedForwardState, p: LIFRefracParameters = ((tensor(200.), tensor(100.), tensor(0.), tensor(1.), tensor(0.), 'super', tensor(100.)), tensor(5.)), dt: float = 0.001) Tuple[Tensor, LIFRefracFeedForwardState][source]#
Computes a single euler-integration step of a feed forward

LIF neuron-model with a refractory period.


input_tensor (torch.Tensor): the input spikes at the current time step s (LIFRefracFeedForwardState): state at the current time step p (LIFRefracParameters): parameters of the lif neuron dt (float): Integration timestep to use