norse.torch.utils.plot.plot_heatmap_3d(spikes: Tensor, show_colorbar: bool = False, **kwargs)[source]#

Plots heatmaps for some activity in several layers. Expects a named tensor with names=(‘L’, ‘X’, ‘Y’). Instead of using the matplotlib.pyplot.imshow() matplotlib function, we make use of the matplotlib.pyplot.scatter() function to disperse points in 3d.

>>> import torch
>>> from norse.torch.utils.plot import plot_heatmap_3d
>>> data = torch.randn(4, 28, 28, names=('L', 'X', 'Y'))
>>> plot_heatmap_3d(data)

(Source code, png, hires.png, pdf)

spikes (torch.NamedTensor): A tensor named with four dimensions: T (time), L (layer), X, Y.

Expected to be in the range \([0, 1]\).

show_colorbar (bool): Show a colorbar (True) or not (False). kwargs: Specific key-value arguments to style the figure fed to the matplotlib.pyplot.scatter() function.


An :matplotlib:class:`matplotlib.axes.Axes` object