compute_refractory_update(state, z_new, v_new)

Compute the refractory update. Parameters: state (LIFAdExRefracState): Initial state of the refractory neuron. z_new (torch.Tensor): New spikes that were generated. v_new (torch.Tensor): New voltage after the lif update step. p (torch.Tensor): Refractoryp.

lif_adex_refrac_feed_forward_step(...[, p, dt])

Computes a single euler-integration step of a feed forward

lif_adex_refrac_step(input_tensor, state, ...)

Computes a single euler-integration step of a recurrently connected


LIFAdExRefracFeedForwardState(lif_adex, rho)

State of a feed forward LIFAdExRefrac neuron

LIFAdExRefracParameters(lif_adex, rho_reset)

LIFAdExRefracState(lif_adex, rho)

State of a LIFAdExRefrac neuron with absolute refractory period.