Source code for norse.torch.functional.lift

A module for lifting neuron activation functions in time.
Simlar to the :module:`.lift`_ module.

import torch

class _Lifted:
    Helper class for the :func:`lift`_ function to allow for pickling.
    Used in distributed execution, like PyTorch Lightning

    def __init__(self, activation, p=None):
        self.activation = activation
        self.p = p

    def __call__(self, input_tensor, **kwargs):
        if self.p is not None and "p" not in kwargs:
            kwargs["p"] = self.p

        state = kwargs.get("state")
        kwargs.pop("state", None)
        outputs = []
        for i in input_tensor:
            if state is not None:
                out, state = self.activation(i, state=state, **kwargs)
                out, state = self.activation(i, **kwargs)
        return torch.stack(outputs), state

[docs] def lift(activation, p=None): """ Creates a lifted version of the given activation function which applies the activation function in the temporal domain. The returned callable can be applied later as if it was a regular activation function, but the input is now assumed to be a tensor whose first dimension is time. Parameters: activation (Callable[[torch.Tensor, Any, Any], Tuple[torch.Tensor, Any]]): The activation function that takes an input tensor, an optional state, and an optional parameter object and returns a tuple of (spiking output, neuron state). The returned spiking output includes the time domain. p (Any): An optional parameter object to hand to the activation function. Returns: A :class:`.Callable`_ that, when applied, evaluates the activation function N times, where N is the size of the outer (temporal) dimension. The application will provide a tensor of shape (time, ...). """ return _Lifted(activation, p)