norse.torch.functional.tsodyks_makram module

class norse.torch.functional.tsodyks_makram.TsodyksMakramParameters(tau_f_inv: float = 20.0, tau_s_inv: float = 50.0, tau_d_inv: float = 1.3333333333333333, U: float = 0.45)[source]

Bases: tuple

Parameters of the Tsodyks-Makram Model

  • tau_f_inv (float) – facilitation time constant (in ms).

  • tau_s_inv (float) – synaptic time constant (in ms).

  • tau_d_inv (float) – depressing time constant (in ms).

  • U (float) – size of the jump in the utilization variable.

Create new instance of TsodyksMakramParameters(tau_f_inv, tau_s_inv, tau_d_inv, U)

U: float

Alias for field number 3

tau_d_inv: float

Alias for field number 2

tau_f_inv: float

Alias for field number 0

tau_s_inv: float

Alias for field number 1

class norse.torch.functional.tsodyks_makram.TsodyksMakramState(u: torch.Tensor, x: torch.Tensor)[source]

Bases: tuple

State of the Tsodyks-Makram Model, note that we are tracking the input current state separately.


Create new instance of TsodyksMakramState(u, x)

u: torch.Tensor

Alias for field number 0

x: torch.Tensor

Alias for field number 1

norse.torch.functional.tsodyks_makram.stp_step(z, s, p, dt=0.001)[source]

Euler integration step for Tsodyks Makram model of STP.


Return type

Tuple[Tensor, TsodyksMakramState]