norse.torch.functional.logical module

norse.torch.functional.logical.logical_and(x, y)[source]

Computes a logical and provided x and y are bitvectors.

norse.torch.functional.logical.logical_or(x, y)[source]

Computes a logical or provided x and y are bitvectors.

norse.torch.functional.logical.logical_xor(x, y)[source]

Computes a logical xor provided x and y are bitvectors.

norse.torch.functional.logical.muller_c(y_prev, x_1, x_2)[source]

Computes the muller-c element next state provided x_1 and x_2 are bitvectors and y_prev is the previous state.

norse.torch.functional.logical.posedge_detector(z, z_prev)[source]

Determines whether a transition from 0 to 1 has occured providing that z and z_prev are bitvectors